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Van Donation Changes a Family's Life

Omaha, Neb. WOWT News by Chase Moffitt

Karin Ridgeway and her granddaughter Kaleigh received a gift from Mobility from Humanity that is allowing them to get back to a normal routine.

Kaleigh was born with cerebral palsy and is currently bound to a wheelchair, though her grandmother says that is changing slowly but surely.

However as Kaleigh is working on walking, getting around in a car is difficult because of her wheelchair.

"I had a 1989 S-10 Chevy that was on its last leg and Kaleigh couldn't ride in it. Kaleigh couldn't go anywhere because she has to be in her chair or in a car seat." said Karin.

That is when Mobility for Humanity stepped in. The family was given a refurbished van, complete with ramp and necessary equipment to make sure Kaleigh is buckled up tight whenever they hit the road.

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