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Teri Roberts Receives A Huge Surprise Donation

Covered by WOWT News, Written by Erin Murray.

A gift that will certainly be getting a lot of miles of use: a 2014 Dodge Caravan SXT.

"Very nice," said Teri Roberts, as she laid eyes on it for the first time. "Oh isn't it, that is beautiful!"

Roberts is a quadruple amputee, and never expected a gift like this.

The car, as it would have to be, isn't like a normal car. Completely redone on the inside, Roberts can get in via a ramp and sit in the passenger seat in her motorized wheelchair. She can also drive it from her wheelchair.

"We'll be able to have the grandkids. Take them back to the zoo again, so it'll be nice to have my independence back really," said Roberts.

A donation from Mobility for Humanity and ElDorado Mobility. "It's a great feeling when you can make a difference in somebody's life," said Mark Zach, President of Mobility for Humanity.

Roberts became an amputee in December when she fell ill with a rare infection. From the infection she developed toxic shock syndrome and fell into a coma. When she awoke, her arms and her legs had to be amputated. A tough outlook for anyone, but she is Andrea Kruger's mother and someone who has known much greater pain. Kruger was killed in 2013 in a murder spree in Omaha.

So Robert's will to live and carry on as wife, mother, and grandmother, pushed her to excel with recovery at QLI in Omaha.

"It’s very humbling. Overwhelming. We’re very happy and we’re very thankful for it," said Roberts.

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